Stephens Homes brings 20 years of craftsmanship, elegance and innovation to homes. Established in 1999, Stephens Homes reputation for unmatched quality is a result of our dedication to the highest standards and our commitment to innovative design and customer satisfaction.

We have stood the test of time as one of the most sought-after home builders for those looking to have a home that is created for them. At Stephens Homes we treat each home that we build as our own, ensuring that the best products, craftsman in the industry, and suppliers are involved while maintaining open communication with all of our clients every step of the way. We are personally involved throughout the planning, construction, and follow-up phases to ensure superior standards are exceeded. This is why at Stephens Homes we only build or renovate 15-20 homes per year, this allows us to work closely with each family in creating their desired home.