Home Decor: Displaying and Hanging Art

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Stephens Homes

When it comes to turning a house into a home, the art you choose and how you display it plays a pivotal role. In a custom home, each wall, corner, and surface presents an opportunity to showcase your style. Dive deep into the guide to hanging art, ensuring each piece finds its rightful place.

Hanging Art

Hanging Art by Size: Techniques for the Perfect Display

The size of your artwork dictates the rules for display.

  1. Large Pieces: These dominant artworks are conversation starters. Ensure they’re hung at eye level, with the midpoint around 57 to 60 inches from the floor. Use two wall anchors or specialty picture hooks to distribute weight, offering extra support.
  2. Small Pieces: While they may be modest in size, their impact is significant. Cluster them, create a dedicated small-art wall, or use them as accent pieces alongside larger works. Ensure they’re positioned so they aren’t dwarfed by surrounding furniture.

Crafting a Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is an art enthusiast’s playground. To build yours:

  • Choosing Pieces: Start with a central, dominant piece and build around it. Mix portraits, landscapes, and abstracts for variety.
  • Frame Styles: Different frames can add dimension. Consider mixing ornate with minimalist, or wooden with metal, but maintain one unifying element—like a consistent color palette or frame thickness.
  • Spacing and Layout: After laying your chosen pieces on the floor to decide on a configuration, maintain a consistent 2 to 3 inches between each when hanging. The use of painter’s tape can help visualize on the wall before committing with nails.

Integrating Art in Often-Overlooked Spaces

Every room deserves an artistic touch.

  • Kitchen Art: Opt for artworks that resonate with culinary passion. Vintage food adverts, still-life fruit paintings, or modern gastronomic prints can be delightful additions.
  • Bathroom Bliss: High-quality prints sealed against moisture or aquatic-themed pieces can be perfect. Always ensure the frames are sealed to prevent water damage.

Pairing Art and Decor

Art should pair gracefully with your home’s decor, enhancing each room’s mood.

  • Matching Styles: Pair the style of the room with complementary art genres. For instance, minimalist interiors can benefit from bold abstracts, while bohemian spaces might enjoy earthy or ethnic art.
  • Color Harmony: Art doesn’t always need to match room colors but should complement. A painting with soft blues and greens can be soothing if your room is draped in cool colors.

Layering Art: Beyond Walls

Console or Media Table Display: Layering art isn’t just for walls. Prop a large artwork on your entryway console or living room media table, then layer smaller pieces in front. This layered look adds depth, making the space feel curated. Accessories like vases or books can further enhance the tableau.

Fireplace Mantle: This trick works just as well above a fireplace! Always check for the temperature sensitivity of your fireplace when adding decor or art to a mantle!


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