We’ve wowed over 600 families in the past two decades, transforming their visions into beautifully appointed dream homes that are built to stand the test of time, both structurally and conceptually. Some of the numerous reasons why so many of your neighbors have chosen Stephens Homes include:

Absolute Top Quality

Your custom home will be built to last for generations, with high-quality building materials and innovative building methods that go far beyond what is required by building code.

Unbeatable Time Lines

As one of the most respected independent custom home builder in McLean County we have great relationships with the most skilled subcontractors in the area, enabling us to build your house in a timely manner.

Early Involvement

Most general contractors don’t come to the party until the construction bidding process has begun. Stephens Homes starts working with you right from the start, providing expert assistance even before the lot has been found.

Value Engineering

Early involvement allows us to help value engineer your project, identifying where it’s worth investing more money and where a less costly option will provide the results you desire.

White Glove Service

From tear-down to finished home we handle all aspects of construction, including permitting, project management, problem solving and quality control. Our goal is to take the stress associated with homebuilding off your shoulders, simplifying a very complicated process for you.

Professional Organization

You’ll have a custom home builder with the bandwidth to properly manage your new home construction project, pay close attention to all of the details and provide the incomparable client service you deserve.

On-Going Relationship

Long after your move-in day we’ll still be standing behind your home. We are proud of the homes we produce and thankful for the trust our clients place in us. You’ll enjoy a full-coverage warranty during the first year after your home’s completion. We want you to know that you have become part of our family and we will always be a recourse for you.