Home Decor: Decorative Elements & Accents

by | Oct 28, 2023 | Stephens Homes

What turns a house into a home? What provides warmth and character in your space? While aspects of the home design provide the backbone, it’s the decorative elements that pull everything together.

Decorative elements

Seasonal Colors

Incorporating seasonal colors into your space is essential to creating a cozy atmosphere. From decorative book stacks to bowls filled with colorful veggies or florals, color brings your home to life


Throw pillows, kitchen linens, and blanket baskets all incorporate different textures into your space. As the seasons change, we swap out the summer linens to the fall and winter faux furs. Small intricacies such as the material of your decorative trays make all the difference.

Decorative elements


It’s all about the intricate details when it comes to decor. The woven trays, the gold elements found throughout your home, and the repeating patterns seen in various spaces.

Decorative elements

Greenery & Florals

The easiest and prettiest way to embrace seasonal changes is through your greenery and florals. Quite possibly our favorite decorative element to embrace.

Decorative Elements from Photos


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