Home Build: A Guide to Carpet Flooring

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Let’s talk carpet! There are some rooms in your home where you may want carpet! Carpet is a great economical choice for flooring. It’s also excellent at absorbing sound. If you have young kids running around, carpet may also be a great option as it’s slip-resistant.

Let’s discuss the types of carpet options you have!

Synthetic vs. Natural

The initial differentiation of carpet options starts with synthetic vs. natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are fantastic for people with allergies as they resist mold, mildew, and holding onto pet dander. Natural fiber carpet is going to have a more luxurious look and feel. However, it’s going to be the more expensive option. Natural fibers also love to hold onto stains and dirt. 

Carpet Flooring
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Four Main Types of Carpet Flooring

Nylon– A synthetic fiber that’s the most durable option out there. It’s resistant to mold and mildew and is an excellent option for rooms with high foot traffic. Nylon is also a good choice for families with kids and pets running around. It’s resilient and doesn’t hold impressions easily. 

Polyester– A synthetic fiber with a luxurious look. It comes in a large selection of colors and styles. However, it may not be the best choice for heavy foot traffic as it can become damaged and stained. 

Olefin– Another synthetic fiber that’s very stain and moisture-resistant. Olefin is pretty durable and it’s one of the more budget-friendly carpet options. 

Wool– A natural fiber carpet that’s simply beautiful and feels incredible to walk on. Wool carpet is very susceptible to staining; those stains don’t come out quickly. Carpet cleaners can also damage it. If dropped glasses of red wine are common in your household, you may want to choose a different option. 

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Three Types of Carpet Flooring Texture

1. Cut Pile

The cut edges of carpet fibers are exposed. This creates a very soft feel underneath your feet. There are two types of cut pile carpets: Saxony and Frieze. Saxony is a traditional style of cut pile carpet. All the fibers lie straight, meaning you will see every footprint and vacuum trail. Frieze is a classic shag carpet. The two benefits of this carpet are it’s durable and incredibly soft! 

2. Loop Pile

The fibers aren’t cut like cut pile carpet and instead loop through the base. Loop pile carpet doesn’t show vacuum lines as easily but can feel rougher on your feet. It is also easier to snag, which can damage it over time. There are two types of loop pile carpets: Berber and Sisal. Berber carpet is very cost-effective. It’s also easy to clean and very durable. 

3. Cut-Loop Pile

This is a combination of the types mentioned above. This combination provides a visually appealing and textured look!

Choose Quality Carpet!

The most important thing when choosing a carpet style is to ensure the carpet is made well. Quality carpet construction ensures durability and a long-lasting appearance. Carpet price depends on the type of carpet you choose, along with the twist and density of the fibers. 

Twist: How tightly the individual fibers have been twisted

Density: The number of fibers and how tightly packed together they are. 

The pile height is one last thing you should remember when choosing carpet flooring. Low-pile carpet is great for high foot traffic and is easy to clean. This type of carpet is also the BEST for layering rugs on top of so you can make the most of your decor options!

Medium pile carpet is softer but holds onto dirt and debris a little more. Finally, high-pile carpet is so soft and plush. It holds onto dirt and impressions, so it may not be the best option for people with kids and pets. 

If carpet isn’t for you, many hardwood flooring options exist! Check out our blog on “Hardwood Flooring” so you understand all your options well!


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