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As with all things during a new home build or a remodel, there are tons of options out there. When building your dream kitchen, one of the most important aspects is choosing your cabinet finishes and hardware. This process is only applicable if you’re going with custom or semi-custom cabinets and you’ve chosen your kitchen’s cabinet style and layout. If you haven’t done this, read the previous blog, “Choosing a Cabinet Design,” to help you get started. Now, let’s discuss your options and the pros and cons of each!

Cabinet Finishes

Currently, about six types of kitchen cabinet finishes are available to you.

1. Stained Cabinets

A stained finish changes the color of the wood you’re working with. This creates a unique look to cabinets, as different parts of the wood absorb various amounts of the stain. You can stain your cabinets to be darker, or if you’re doing a remodel, you can sand off a previous dark stain and replace with a lighter one. The biggest pro to stained cabinets, is that it maintains the originality and beauty of the wood you’re working with.

2. Natural Finish

Nothing is applied to alter the appearance of the wood. The finish will be clear, which provides the natural and organic look and feel of the wood. If you’re in love with the choice of wood your cabinets are made off, and it flows well with your decor, this would be the choice for you!

3. Glazed Finish

A glaze can be applied on top of already painted or stained cabinets to accentuate the details and provide a little more “oomph.” The only con to this is it can be rather time-consuming and expensive.

4. Painted Finish 

Painted cabinets can be absolutely stunning. This is most likely what you’re getting in an all-white kitchen. The paint finish will diminish the natural appearance of the wood. The biggest con to painted cabinets is the wear and tear on the paint. Paint can chip and wear off over time, especially on the cabinets you use the most.

5. Distressed Finish

A distressed finish will give your cabinets an aged appearance. Think of a mountain cabin in the woods. Since this is technically a painting technique, the same cons apply as from a painted finish.

6. Varnished Finish 

A high gloss finish that creates long-lasting durability for your cabinets.

Considering the above information, it’s a great idea to scroll through the internet for initial options. This provides a sense of what you’re looking for. Secondly, use your interior designer or builder for suggestions if you feel stuck! They know everything about cabinet finishes and hardware and will be able to teach you so much!


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