Home Design: Selecting and Placing Pendant Lighting

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Pendant lighting is the easiest way to elevate your kitchen! It’s an eye-catching statement piece that, quite literally, lights up the room. You may be wondering how you select the appropriate pendants? After you select them, how exactly do you place them? This guide to selecting and placing pendant lighting will answer all your questions.

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Selecting your Pendants

Firstly, select pendant lighting that matches your home decor style while keeping proper sizing in mind. Remember, the size of your lighting is key to maintaining balance throughout the space. You should find pendants that won’t overwhelm the size of your kitchen, or your island! Generally, the more pendants you have, the smaller they will be. The kitchen island and the pendant lighting you select will be the space’s focal point. Use the visual guide below to help so you can be an expert!

Pendant Lighting

How to Space your Pendants

Luckily, this part can be very simple. Measure the size of your kitchen island and decide if you want two or three pendants. If you’re in love with a particular style of pendant and it only comes in a small size, get three of them! There should always be even spacing between each light. Additionally, keep the outside pendants within 4-6″ inside the length of your island to ensure no one can hit their head.

A larger central pendant light alleviates the worry of doing this. Just remember to leave 30″ to 36″ above your island. This will prevent the lights from hanging directly in your line of sight. When in doubt, hang the pendants higher rather than lower. See the guide below to understand the exact spacing and measurement.

Here are some examples of pendant lighting to provide some inspiration on selecting and placing pendant lighting! Be sure to check out the list of preferred places to purchase pendant lighting, just below.

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